Healing Through Divorce

Lesson 3.6: Navigating Legal Overwhelm

Consult with an attorney. Get as much legal information as possible so you know your rights and what to expect. Do not rely on word of mouth. You need a consultation with a family law attorney you trust.

Lesson 3.3: Financial Wounds and Emotional Security

Don’t forget the financial wounds. In what ways has your divorce wounded you financially? What does that do to you emotionally and how does money impact you emotionally? How do you create a plan to dig yourself out of it?

Lesson 3.2: Inventory Wounds

Where does it hurt? Friendships, Family, Trust — in self and in others. Noticing the damage that incurred as a result of your marriage and your divorce and a calculated plan to address those wounds.

Lesson 3.1: Compassion (for Self)

Where are you hard on yourself? What does that get you? What would you say to someone who spoke to you the way you’re talking to yourself? What would you say to a friend going through this.

Lesson 2.6: Changing Your Internal Dialogue

Our thoughts and feelings don’t make us who we are but our actions do and our actions are informed by our thoughts and feelings. If you want to succeed, you need to be telling yourself you can. Notice the destructive thoughts. What are the themes.

Lesson 2.5: Meditation and Mindfulness

How. Why. What this looks like. Insight Timer and other apps that help. Creating a mindfulness/meditation practice and integrating it into your routine.

Lesson 2.4: Self-Care, Self-Care, Self-Care

Belly breathing
Healthy foods, daily movement/exercise, sleep and their impact on brain chemistry.
How are you taking care of yourself — physically? emotionally? spiritually?