Healing Through Divorce

Lesson 5.5: Optional: Kids Gameplan

New traditions, reconceptualizing holidays, on being an imperfect good enough parent and accepting that you can not control how things unfold at the other parent’s house but you can be a safe person for your child to process that stuff with.

Lesson 5.4 Dating Gameplan

Understanding how dating has changed since you were last single. Being realistic about what this looks like and moving slowly. You can’t replace him/her and you don’t want to.

Lesson 5.1 The Power Of Intention

Setting intentions is a powerful force. You will see what you are looking to see. You will pave the path because you know the destination.

Lesson 4.2 Negative Core Beliefs/Negative Cognitions

Understanding the negative core beliefs/negative cognitions that made your marriage possible. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who got out at the first sign that something was amiss, you stayed and suffered in your marriage for longer than you would have liked. Why?

Lesson 4.1 The Roadmap– How Did You Get Here?

Understanding how you got here. Create a roadmap to your dead marriage. Why did you choose him? Why didn’t it work? What were the positives? What made it unbearable? Did you overlook red flags early on? Why? How would you know if you were doing it again?