Healing Divorce Grief

Allowing Acceptance

Acceptance is a stage of Divorce Grief that feels like a breath of fresh air. Here I share with you a strategy to create space for more of it.

Detaching From Depression

Depression can be one of the most challenging parts of Divorce Grief. It’s painful and it’s normal. Here I share with you a gameplan to navigate the darkness.

Blasting Bargaining

Bargaining can be a trap, a rabbit hole of sabotaging derailing self-talk that does not feel good. We’re going to talk here about what it is, what it looks like, and how you can effectively manage it.

Harnessing Anger

Anger is a healthy part of divorce grief and whether you feel the rage or you push your anger deep inside and try not to feel it, it’s important to move through the anger. I’ll share with you a strategy to help you connect with your anger in a healthy constructive way.

Destroying Denial

Denial keeps us stuck. In this video, I will share a strategy to help you move on and cut through the denial.